My father used to take a lot of photographs but strictly on slides, which meant we needed a projector to see them. So every time it felt like going to the movies, friends and family gathered to see the intimate and quarky moments my father managed to catch. He was in his own way a precursor of what would become the reality show format. Then I got my first little Kodak and I started shooting photos myself, learning how to deal with lighting and composition. It became a real passion, maybe the only natural step from my passion for drawing and painting. I have been spending my time between Europe and USA with a firm base in London, perfect place to explore the multitude of types, genders, colours, ethnicities and social differences. Also the best place to be if you like fashion and graphic arts of course. I traveled, photographed, and had some wonderful life experiences, but eventually the urge to shoot fashion took a major place in my life. Many of the images shown on this site are released and available for licensing. For more information please contact us